Say Hello to my New (and Cheap) Friend aka My New Printer!!

OK, so I am totally not technological at all. I was lucky that I had a wireless printer in the first place. I had bought it on a tag sale site on Facebook many moons ago (like at least 4 years ago) and really only ever figured out how to hook it up to my computer. Nothing else. I just couldn’t figure it out. So, I would bother my mom or my neighbor to print out extra coupons for me.

About 2 weeks ago my mom and I had went to Kohl’s to pick up wedding gifts (I had 2 weddings to go to in the same weekend!) and I found an HP Envy on clearance for $74.99. It was originally $150. I grabbed it and had carried it around the store with me the entire time we shopped. Before we headed to check out, I  brought it over to the price checker to see if maybe it would ring up for less. It didn’t. So, as I looked at the wedding gifts and my printer, I knew I just couldn’t get the printer. I was so mad I left it sitting right on the floor next to the price scanner in the kitchen area. I know, I know, that was really wrong of me but I was throwing a mini temper tantrum because I really wanted it.

Last night, my husband’s parents took us out to dinner for his birthday to Meadow in Simsbury (if you have never been there, the food is AMAZING-I know, totally off subject) so I had prepared myself to go to ShopRite since we were already making the drive. During dinner, I remembered the printer and I figured I would ask if we could stop at Kohl’s after dinner. I thought my husband would say no but he actually gave in and agreed! This was a total long shot that the printer would still actually be there and I made a promise to go in and look for the printer and that was it. In and out. I made that deal. Well, we walked in and just for haha’s. I never actually expected to find it and was had already totally prepared myself for disappointment. I walked over to the price scanner where I had left it weeks ago and you will never believe what was still sitting there!!!!!!!!! My printer! We had been reunited. He waited for me and didn’t let anyone else buy him. I seriously was in shock that no one had bought it or that the employees hadn’t at least cleaned up and noticed it was in the completely wrong section.

But, there is was. Sitting right on the floor right where I had left it. I picked up the box and hugged it! It was a sign. It was meant to be so of course I had to take him home with me this time. I think at this point, I am going to have to think of a name for it LOL. Well, back to checking out. Apparently you cannot use coupons on electronics so that kinda made me re-think my plan but I was able to use Kohl’s cash so I got my $150 printer for only $60 bucks! Happy dance. And, I got back $10 in Kohl’s cash too so I guess that kinda makes it $50 right?!

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