*NEW* Test Out Products for FREE with Trybe!

So, I was recently introduced to a site called Trybe. They offer a bunch of different products that you can apply to try for free. There is absolutely no credit card required! You simply pick the item/items you want to ty and answer a few questions! That’s it! All they are looking for is your honest feedback on how you liked/loved/hated the products you tried and you get to keep your product free of charge. Here is an example of what is available in my dashboard for me to apply to try:


I applied to try the Maybelline mascara but those M&Ms are calling my name so I might apply to get those too! Brands and manufacturers rely on us as consumers to let them know how much we like their products so they can better serve us, their customers. Basically, they give you a free product and you give them a review! Super easy. I mean, come on, who doesn’t like getting something for free?

What is Trybe?

Trybe was founded in Norway about a year ago with the aim of connecting the consumers with brands giving them the opportunity to share their honest opinions about the products they test. Trybe has a large community of testers in Europe and Latin America and is represented in more than 79 countries. They have just recently entered into the United States! For the members of the Trybe community, it is an easy way to try products of the brands that they love.

How can you become part of Trybe? 

  • Register on trybe.com
  • Select the products you want to try and click on the “Try” button
  • Answer a short questionnaire
  • Then you just have to wait to see if you are selected! 🙂
  • P.S. Make sure that your profile is filled out 100%! Brands give priority to those with completed profiles!

The selection of candidates can take between 30 to 90 days and we will always contact by email you if you are selected or not. You will also find information about your status for other campaigns on your Trybe profile. We will send the product within a maximum of 40 days to the address you have registered in your profile. It is important to update this information if it changes.



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